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We appreciate your patience with the care we have to take. Please keep in mind each section is OPTIONAL. You can give us as much information as you feel comfortable with, and if we need more for verification we will be in touch. We DO NOT require any personal information. We only want to know about your WORK persona to confirm you are a sex worker and not someone trying to infiltrate the website.

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If the application process does not work for you or you are finding it difficult, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Welcome to Red Files and congratulations on taking the first steps to join our community! We require you to read our Community Guidelines before signing up, this reflects the core values of our community and outlines what we expect of you as a member.
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Private/independent worker
If you source your work through advertising avenues such as newspapers and the internet and conduct your business autonomously, this is the right form for you.

Establishment/sex on premise/parlour worker
If you conduct your sex work in a fixed location and source your clients from there, this is the right form for you. If you are a business owner of an onsite sex work premises please select this option and inform us of your position in the personal testimony section.

Agency/managed worker
If a third person or business sources your business for you. If you are a business owner of an agency or a booking agent please select this option and inform us of your position in the personal testimony section.

Street-based sex worker
If you source your work in person, opportunistically, from a known location, this is the right form for you.

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Please select the gender you use when advertising yourself or used when describing yourself whilst working.


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