12 September 2021

Have your say on these three Scarlet Alliance consultations!

Scarlet Alliance are currently running three consultations that we encourage our members to participate in. We look forward to hearing what you think about the following.

Restricted Access Systems for Sex Worker Online Content

Closes 14 September

The survey will ask questions raised in the eSafety Commission's consultation paper on a new Restricted Access System and the call for evidence on age verification for online pornography. The Restricted Access System is the system that will have to be in place to prevent people under the age of 18 from accessing online content that is or could be classified as R18+ (which includes much of the content that sex workers produce).

We'll ask questions about what types of systems you already see in place, explain what could be part of the new Restricted Access System, and ask you to think about how this could impact your business.

Clap Back!

Closes 24 September

This is a consultation on your experiences with STI management at work, in healthcare settings. This consultation will inform new resources from us so that we can address spikes in chlamydia and gonorrhoea rates among sex workers. The consultation period for this has been expanded, and we're particularly interested in Korean-, Thai- and Chinese-speaking sex workers, male sex workers, trans and gender diverse sex workers, and sex workers with experience working in rural, regional and remote areas. The survey is available in English, Korean, Thai and Simplified Chinese.

Strategic Plan Survey

Closes 7 October

We thank our members and the sex worker community for your 2020 insights, ideas and input as to how to reinvigorate and update our Strategic Plan to make it relevant and useful for the upcoming five years. We have now updated the Strategic Plan based on your feedback, and we invite you to review a draft of Scarlet Alliance’s new Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

This survey will walk you through the draft Plan and ask questions about each section. Some of the questions below will refer you to a Google Doc with some additional information, including the usual table we use to organise the plan.