18 February 2021

Survey about improving Victoria Police services

Victoria Police want to transform their services and have opened a 5 minute survey to the public. The survey is anonymous with no name, email address or phone number required. Red Files has consulted with Victoria Police who have indicated they are particularly interested to hear about aspects of sex workers' experience of Victoria Police. Addressing the following in your answers will help police to get the message loud and clear:

A. Indicate whether you are a sex worker or a member of the LGBTIQ community or both (remember, you remain anonymous)

B. If you have specific examples of an incident where police did a good or bad job, provide an example(s)

C. If there are barriers to you reporting crimes to police, let them know. If you feel that the criminalisation of most forms of sex work in Victoria is a barrier, say so. Feel free to suggest decrim.

D. Provide practical suggested solutions. For example, you could suggest additional training of police provided by sex workers. You could also suggest the establishment of police sex work liaison officers.

Survey Link

Survey closes on 10 April 2021.