05 July 2020

SIN in Adelaide in holding a sex work research and ethics workshop!


***sex workers past and present only event***

The next workshop coming up at SIN will be held on July 9th from 10.30am-12.30pm with Dr Elena Jeffreys and Dr Zahra Stardust via zoom.

They are both peer sex work researchers, are well recognised within the sex work community and long-time sex work activists. They will be discussing sex work research and ethics for sex workers thinking about researching the sex work community or currently undertaking research. Additionally, they will give sex workers the tools to be able to recognise and understand unethical research and the general risks associated with research. We are a heavily researched community and it is important to recognise the immense work that has been done by sex workers and organisations who have created guidelines around sex work research and ethics. Nothing about us, without, us!

Elena Jeffreys (she/her) is a sex worker based in the colonised continent called 'Australia', from country Western Australia on Yamaji country, currently living in North Queensland on Yirriganydji country. Elena's 2018 PhD research was in Political Science, Criminology and Public Policy, and looked at the relationship between sex worker organisations and funders in Australia and Thailand. Her other interests are trafficking research, HIV and BBV policy, peer education, injecting drug use, and health promotion.

Dr Zahra Stardust is a sex worker, writer and researcher whose work is concerned with intersections between criminal law, sexuality, labour and justice. Her doctoral research examined the regulation of queer and feminist pornographies in Australia and she was recently involved in research on sex work stigma with Scarlet Alliance and the UNSW Centre for Research in Health. Zahra has written for media such as Overland, New Matilda, Archer, The Conversation and Hustler, and her work has been published by Palgrave, Routledge and Cambridge University Press. She is currently working part time as a Research officer in the Law Faculty at UNSW on a project about the criminalisation of homelessness in public space, and volunteering at the Environmental Defender’s Office assisting with advice for environmental activists about protests and police powers

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