28 July 2020

Respect Inc. working on syphilis rise in Australia

Syphilis is really serious all over Australia. Respect Inc is working
on creating a comprehensive Syphilis resource, which will be available
nationally. Respect Inc would love all sex workers on this list to
have a read and give feedback prior to us finalising the text. This is
not a paid exercise, but an opportunity to have a say about a really
important topic. Thank you in advance!

The links below are for sex worker only spaces only. Please do not
distribute in public spaces.

1. Fill in the first survey to explain your current knowledge of
Syphilis. Do this first!

2. Read the entire draft resource, PDF
It's a long document, 29 pages. Most people need at least an hour of
quiet time to do this. Take notes about what you like or don't like
about the resource, and please note if you think anything is missing.

3. Fill in the second survey (the actual consultation) to give your
feedback. Big, small, anything and everything you have an opinion on.

Your input will help Respect Inc finalise the resource and get it out
to sex workers.

Oh, and before I forget - GET TESTED FOR SYPHILIS! Its not always
included as standard in an STI screen, so ask your GP or sexual health
clinic and make sure you get tested. Its a blood draw and free in most
clinics. Treatment is effective and available.