06 June 2020

Scarlet Alliance proVision Magazine Issue 9: Uncertain Times submission callout


The theme for the upcoming Issue 9 of proVision Magazine is Uncertain Times.

From how-tos for transitioning from IRL to URL to tips and tricks to camming and content creation, share your skills re: alternatives to full-service sex work. School us on soliciting subscribers and staying safe and finding your own space. Send us your think pieces about sex work entering the mainstream post-FOSTA/SESTA, and what it means for Beyoncé to shoutout OnlyFans. Give us your gripes about Jobseeker and JobKeeper, comics about sex workers doing it for themselves and a peepshow of your new iso routine with ‘A day in the life of…’. Submit screenshots of your striptease live shows and sexy Snapchat selfies. Show us your artwork, poetry, and prose on dis/connection, uncertainty and change. Unpack your grief and memories of the HIV/AIDS crisis, teach us lessons from recessions, tell us your stories of sex work and survival during Black Summer and other disasters. We want essays on the resilience of our community and articles on how we can support ourselves and each other through tough times. We’ve been through a lot, so perhaps even some creative visions of a better future?

Please send in your ideas and pitches with some info on title/topic, style/format and proposed length/word count to [email protected]. Visual contributors may submit artwork as stand-alone pieces or to accompany written work. For more info and Content Guidelines, go to http://www.scarletalliance.org.au/scarlet/proVision/ 

Submissions are open until 31st July, 2020.