01 April 2020

Victoria bans all forms of sex work as of 14 April 2020

Ban on all forms of sex work in Victoria now extended until midnight 11/5/20. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has just today confirmed that new coronavirus restrictions in Victoria apply to all forms of sex work (street based, brothel, escort agency and private work) and expire on 11/5/20.

Fines do apply for breaching these Directive can be on the spot fines issued by Victoria Police. Maximum penalty is $1,652 for an individual. 

For How long?

30 March 2020 - midnight 13 April 2020. The Directive can be extended if necessary. 

Read the Directive (Clause 7(2)(i)). DHHS has clarified that escort agency and brothel INCLUDES all forms of private sex work

Read Info about Police and Fines

Read DHHS Website for more details