18 April 2020

Prostitution Licensing Authority NEW FINES FOR ADVERTISING

The PLA has contacted Respect Inc with a new Advertising Guidelines - Version 14, effective immediately.

It makes all advertising of bookings for physical contact illegal.

Maximum fine $13,345.

The PLA is closed at the moment, with all staff working from home, no one is answering phones or emails.

The Guidelines Version 14 are not up on the PLA website, and so we are unsure what exactly is going on.

We are trying to figure out if means we are all expected to change our advertising immediately.

We have advocated in writing to the PLA and verbally to the Police Ministers Office, that forward paid advertising, and scraped advertising, means it will be impossible for sex workers to completely comply.

Respect Inc will keep you informed as new information comes in.

Given the history of policing in Queensland, we felt it our duty to warn everyone that it is possible police may begin doing undercover stings on ANY advertising that mentions, implies or invites physical contact.