15 October 2019

Release from Decrim QLD/Respect QLD: EMERGENCY ****ACTION NEEDED****



Hideously bad laws including increased police powers have been introduced into Queensland parliament. Instead of moving forward with a commitment to decriminalise sex work the government has entered a Bill into parliament that increases criminalisation of sex workers and increases police powers.
We can stop this but we need to act fast.

What can we do: make sure the Qld govt knows sex workers do not support these changes

1) First step - Read the attachment for an explanation of the changes so you can explain to others why they must not go ahead.

View the Google Doc here: https://drive.google.com/file/...

2) Help us create a social media storm

Please add your voice to social media in the week 21-25 October - with a big impact planned for Tuesday 22 October. DecrimQLD will share some resources to add to your posts

On twitter include:




@MarkRyanQLD The Police Minister (whose office proposed these changes)

Premier @AnnastaciaMP

Twitter suggestions but feel free to make your own - it will work better if it’s in your words

  • Qld laws are ultra bad now. Why would you give police more powers?
  • Didn’t think the laws in Qld for sex work could get any worse? Guess what, they are giving police more powers! Thanks for nothing @MarkRyanQLD
  • Police charges against sex workers are up 450% It’s not police need more powers to arrest sex workers
  • Qld govt has missed the memo on Decrim & is giving police the ok to come to where we work and film us!
  • Sex workers need decrim to get police out of our work spaces but Qld govt is increasing police access. @AnnastaciaMP

3a) Call or email your local MP if you are in Qld (or if you are a FIFO worker)
Here’s a link to all the MPs. https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/members/current/list

And you can work out here which electorate you live or work in: https://results.ecq.qld.gov.au/state_district_maps/

3b) Call the

Premier (07) 3719 7000

Deputy Premier (07) 3719 7100

Police Minister (07) 3035 8300

And register your disappointment that they are making these changes instead of progressing Decrim.

4) Start talking about why the laws are bad

Let other sex workers and supporters know about how the increased police powers are bad for sex workers in Qld. Ask other sex workers to join us in letting the government know these are dangerous changes and they should be instead focussing on their commitment to decriminalise sex work in Qld.