23 September 2019

Victorian sex workers - new advisory panel at RhED

RhED is looking for ways to increase their engagement with sex workers and consult with the community about what we would like to see from the RhED program going forward.

One of the strategies RhED is putting in place is the creation of a register of workers who would like to be contacted for consultation opportunities, while working to continually grow this register and the number and diversity of participants.
RhED’s current avenues for consultation include working groups, the Sex Worker Advisory Committee (SWAC), social media, online surveys and paid, in-person consultation opportunities.
This database is for individual sex workers only in Victoria, workers from all areas of the industry are welcome.
If you would like to be included on this register please email [email protected] and include your name (pseudonym/working name is fine) the email that you would like to be added, the types of consultations you are interested in and the area/s of the industry you work in.  All information provided is optional, all is confidential and will only be used for the purpose stated.