02 July 2019

SURVEY: World Health Organisation (WHO) survey on female sex workers contraceptive preferences

Note from Red Files: The World Health Organisation (WHO) are doing a survey on female sex workers contraceptive preferences. We are not endorsing or promoting this but are circulating for your information. Please read through the info to determine if you would like to take part.

The survey will close on 17th July and results will be used to inform a WHO report on contraceptive preferences of sex workers. As you will be aware these can often form the basis of guidelines and guidance notes used in policy and healthcare settings. 

If you decide to take part and determine there are issues with the survey content or problems that could skew interpretation of the findings, please note your comments and concerns on the open comment box on Q23..

Dear colleagues,


The World Health Organization Departments of HIV and Reproductive Health and Research are conducting a consultation on female sex workers’ values and preferences regarding contraception, as well as their experiences using different contraceptive methods. As part of this consultation, we are conducting an online survey which aims to learn more about sex workers’ motivations and preferences when choosing contraceptive methods, in addition to any barriers they may face. This insight will help WHO be more inclusive of sex workers’ needs and lived experiences as it updates its guidance on contraception. The results of this consultation will be shared at the WHO Guidelines Development Group meeting in Geneva in July, 2019. Following the meeting, the research findings will be used to create a written report for publication.


The online survey contains 22 questions and will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes. All survey responses will be sent over a secure, encrypted connection. Any information provided will be anonymous and cannot be traced back to the individual. We will not ask for any names or other identifying information, and IP addresses will not be tracked. To be eligible for participation, individuals should identify as female (or gender-variant) sex workers of reproductive age (18-49), and be capable of becoming pregnant.


Please find the link to the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FSWcontraceptionsurvey  The survey will close on 17th July.


We would be grateful if you could share widely with your networks and apologise for any cross posting.


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WHO is conducting a survey with female sex workers to understand their contraceptive values and preferences. Access to contraception is a fundamental right for ALL women. Have your say here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FSWcontraceptionsurvey  #WHOsexworksurvey #sexwork #reproductivehealth #contraceptiverights



Virginia Macdonald

Key Populations and Innovative Prevention Unit

HIV Department

World Health Organisation , Geneva