11 December 2018

SWEAR needs a President!

SWEAR's recent AGM left us without a president and we need one! Our current team is ready to support the right person but without this individual we can not meet the expectations on us as an organisation. We would appreciate any support in finding the right person. 

Below is some text currently on our blog and being promoted throughout online spaces.

SWEAR needs proactive people eager to help our advocacy actions ASAP!

The voices of our membership want the organisation to keep going, to continue to represent the WA sex worker community and ensure the community is at the table when legislative decision that impact us are being made. Without a President our dedicated team can not be the political voice advocating for sex worker rights. Without your help SWEAR can not achieve their core business.

We have a few positions open and welcome all help. However, it is essential we get a president. If we can not find a President by the 30th of December we will need to stop operating as an organisation. This is something we do not wish to happen, nor is it something our membership wants to happen. 

With the membership support you must be curious why someone isn't stepping up into the role to ensure our continuation. I can answer this. President is a challenging role seems intimidating and requires strong communication and leadership skills. Our chair (who has previously held the role of president) is aware of these challenges and is offering as much support and mentorship as the new president needs. 

So if you think you would be willing to work with the awesome team, promote sex worker rights, advocate for decriminalisation and ensure SWEAR is meeting the needs of the community please get in touch ASAP! Essential criteria - Passionate and a willingness to develop into the awesome president we need! If you would like more information on what the responsibilities, time commitment or have any other questions please reach out to Renee at [email protected]

If you are interested in other positions you can look at our list of available positions below;

President: Acts as a spokesperson for the Committee. Acts as a liaison with organisations. Reports to Committee

Treasurer: Responsible for keeping accurate financial records and grant applications Reports to Committee

Policy Officer: Responsible for development of policies, position statements and submissions, with consultation of members and support of the Committee. Reports to the President

Marketing Coordinator: Responsible for the marketing, promotions and online presence of SWEAR. Reports to the President

General Member: (No less than one (1) member and no more than three (3) general members may sit on the Committee at one time) Responsible for representing the sex worker community. Reports to the Committee

[email protected]