15 November 2018

Self-Defence Workshop - Melbourne



Back in 2017, I was asked by peers to make a self-defence training workshop tailored specifically for sex workers. The workshop is now live and accessible by all SW peers. This is an Industry Specific Self-Defence Workshop hosted by myself (MANASAY) & Krav Maga Melbourne.

Many sex workers are extremely capable of looking after their physical well being. This course is designed to provide added peace of mind in the same way all self defence courses are designed to protect and build confidence in personal safety.

If you are interested in this combat training workshop, you will find that I am temporarily subsidizing the cost. Just note that there is only 10x capacity per class. The training center is completely booked out to ensure complete privacy during the workshop.

A beta version of this exact class was run in October and the feedback & responses were great.

Please ask me below if you have any questions! Alternatively reach me directly on 0439 777 697 :)

Dates & Cost: 28.11.18 ($69) or 12.12.18 ($74)

Time: 11:00am to 3:30pm

Location: Melbourne CBD

*vetting process still apply

www.manasay.com.au for more information

Kitty Galore
Sole owner of MANASAY
[email protected]
0439 777 697