23 June 2018

Scarlet Alliance LITTLE RED BOOK - online now!

Scarlet Alliance LITTLE RED BOOK - online now!

The well know "Little Red Book", an STI handbook produced by Scarlet Alliance, is now available online!

This web resource is a community driven project, which has incorporated the efforts of sex workers, peer educators, sex worker organisations, community organisations and health professionals across Australia. It is made by sex workers, for sex workers.

Much of the content builds on The Scarlet Alliance STI Handbook: A Reference Guide for Sex Workers to Sexually Transmissible Infection [Red Book (2009)]. Red Book is a sex worker resource by and for sex workers that was first developed in 1998 with updates in 2003 and 2009. Many sex workers would be familiar with the pocket sized Red Book that sex worker organisations have been handing out on outreach to sex worker workplaces for many years. Sex worker resources by and for sex workers is best practice in assisting sex workers in implementing harm reduction strategies in our workplaces. The STI and BBV information provided has been checked by medical professionals and all content has gone through various consultation processes with sex workers to ensure the content in Red Book is accurate, relevant and reflects our diverse experiences, identities, contexts and needs.

The online guide contains:

  • Comprehensive section on STI's and BBV's
  • Information on safer sex tools
  • Sex worker skill share
  • Information on testing
  • General sexual health advice
  • How the law relates to sexual health
  • And more!

Check out the full site: https://redbook.scarletallianc...