22 June 2018

Digital Security Workshop - SWOP in Surry Hills - Thur 5th July


WHEN: 6-8PM (AEST), 5th July, 2018 
LOCATION: Enquire below


Presented by Gala Vanting and Assembly Four (Melbourne)
Hosted by Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association and SWOP NSW. 


In the wake of FOSTA/SESTA's impact on the sex working community and with an increased awareness of the necessity of data security to help resist surveillance of sex workers, Gala Vanting (Sydney-based sex worker) and Assembly Four (Melbourne founders of Switter) are collaborating to deliver digital security resources to sex workers. This is a structured, 2-hour workshop that will aim to cover the basics of digital hygiene and information security specifically informed by sex worker uses of technology. Topics include:

- Secure browsing with VPNs, Tor, password security, assessing safety of web services.
- Controlling data sharing to protect your personal information
- Domain and hosting security
- Cloud storage

This workshop is targeted at anyone who uses the web to do sex work. We are aiming to provide an accessible, plain-language understanding of the topics and the workshop structure allows some time for Q&A. The team are also developing an online resource set to assist workers in developing their own strategy to integrate security measures into their technology use, so there will be options for follow-up.

The workshop will be available to those who are not in Sydney by video conference. Please email [email protected] if you would like to RSVP for video conferencing, and a link will be emailed to you before the event. This event is open to sex workers only. 

Participants note: there will be four non-sex workers in the room during the workshop. Two of the Assembly Four members are non-SWs and will be presenting the workshop content. There will also be two venue staff providing technical support. 

Assembly Four are a collective of sex workers and technologists founded in early 2017 with the original goal of providing sex workers with services and products that existing industries have previously ignored due to social stigmas. We want to make safety and support in sex work more accessible.


Gala Vanting is a Sydney sex worker, writer, educator and activist. 


Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association is the peak body representing our membership of individual sex workers, sex worker projects, organisations and collectives throughout Australia. Founded in 1989, we are a 100% peer organisation at all levels, including our elected leadership, management, staff and volunteers. 


Sex Workers Outreach Project NSW is Australia's largest and longest established community based peer education sex worker organisation focused on HIV, STI & hepatitis C prevention, education and health promotion for sex workers in NSW.