08 May 2018


Please join our Workshop for sex workers, “Coming Out”, hosted by Amber Leigh in conjunction with the Red Files team.

Are you considering coming out as a sex worker to friends, family or other significant loved ones? Perhaps you have come out and you are seeking guidance on how to handle certain reactions?

As a sex worker who has come out, community support has been imperative to maintaining confidence in my job, belief in my decision to become a sex worker, and conviction in my right to take this on as a legitimate job and demand respect as an individual for it. As such, we hope that this community workshop will provide support to you and the decisions you make in your profession as a sex worker.

This workshop aims to address some factors that may be paramount when considering whether to come out as a sex worker, and how it may affect your day to day life thereafter.

We will discuss topics such as:

·         Reasoning behind a decision to out yourself
·         Approaches to take when telling your person(s)
·         Self-care when faced with negative reactions
·         Should you come out if you have a civvie job in addition to SW?
·         Implications coming out may have on your day to day life
-         How to manage travel consequences and mobility into criminalised jurisdictions

We also hope for this workshop to be interactive, and a safe space where all attendees can share their thoughts, opinions and experiences, and they are invited to do so if they so desire!

For attendees and those who are unable to make it, I strongly recommend reading "Coming Out Like A Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection and Privacy", which can be found on Amazon at the following link:


Date: 27th May
Time: 1pm Location: Melbourne
Cost: Gold coin donation to cover room cost
Accessibility: sex workers are welcomed to call in and attend the workshop this way