08 May 2018

LAUNCHED: Red Cloud Hosting

Now Launched: Red Cloud Hosting

Last updated: 08/05/2018

Great news everyone! I've finally launched a hosting solution under the looming threat of FOSTA/SESTA laws. It's called redcloudhosting.com.au

Here's how it works. If you operate a website for your business, for example I use estellelucas.com for mine, then the FOSTA/SESTA laws could potentially effect you. But why, you ask? Because while these laws are from the U.S, your website could have ties to U.S companies.

Take for example your domain. ICANN owns all .com addresses and ICANN is a U.S based company. Therefore there's the potential your website can be seized under U.S laws even if you've never set foot there. For anyone that wants to be proactive, I would suggest moving your .com domain to something like .bz and purchasing that domain from a non-U.S company like Hover.

Secondly, your website might be hosted or have its server with a U.S company. Again, this falls under U.S jurisdiction. To find out if your server is bound to U.S laws look up your hosting company and see where their head office is. If it's the U.S, then your website falls under U.S law.

Thirdly, you might use a third-company to build your website like Wix, Escort Design, Squarespace, Escort.biz, Strickingly or Weebly. These are all U.S based company. Wix has starting closing down some sex workers website and here's an article that touches on that: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/s...

That's why I create Red Cloud Hosting, a server based in Australia and bound by Australian laws. If you operate a website for your business, I highly recommend you look into Red Cloud Hosting. Here's a brief of all the best features:

- Faster speed as the server is based in Australia and so Google doesn't punish your SEO for slower speed
- ALL the proceeds turn into donations to keep Red Files running
- totally anonymous, all I ask for is a way to contact you and temporary website logins to migrate your website
- anonymous payment option (bitcoin)
- some sex workers have donated hosting for sex workers who cannot afford it right now

There are two limitations to Red Cloud Hosting.

If you use Wix or Squarespace they purposefully make it so you can’t backup or migrate your website with anyone but them. I cannot migrate your website for you. In this case I would recommend backing up the content of your website and also taking screenshots. Then you'd need to start organising rebuiling your website on another interface like Wordpress. There’s heaps online about how you can do this with free templates. You could also pay to have your website replicated (or a new website made) and then hosting with Red Cloud. If you need help locating a web designer, get in contact and I’ll help you out. 

Second, under Australian law I'm unable to host pornographic material. If I could, I would but unfortunately I have to follow the law.

If you're a sex worker who can donate a years hosting, please do! We have a couple of sex workers who already have and it'll be great if we could have more.

The cost for hosting is $200 a year. If you're interested in transferring hosting I recommend you get into contact with [email protected]

If you have further questions you can check out the FAQ section of the website here: https://redcloudhosting.com.au... or just comment below this article