07 February 2018

Cycle #1: Financial Report

Red Files Financial Report 

Cycle #1: 2nd June 2017 – 31st December 2018

Last updated: 07/02/2018

Please note: an asterix (*) denotes expenditures absorbed into start-up costs.

Please note that accountancy fees and ASIC fees have not been billed in this cycle and are expected for the next cycle.


Administration fees

***MOD wage: $6000
Info-pack design fees: $400
***Info-pack printing fees: $985.46
Business cards: $337.48
Scarlet Alliance Estelle flights: $326.19
Scarlet Alliance Charlotte flights: $390  
Scarlet Alliance accommodation: $923.63

 Expenditure for administration: $8972.76


Operation fees 

Donation service provider fee: $14
Website fee (the tool we use to build and deploy the website to the hosting server): $90.4
Hosting company fee: $66.31
Email address fees: $77
Bank account fees: $60
International transaction fee: $4.69
Xero online accountancy fee: $175

 Expenditure for website maintenance: $487


Total expenditure for this cycle: $9773.16



Donations through website: $624
Direct transfer donations: $1170

Total income for this cycle: $1794



Our balance for this cycle is: -$7979.16. 

Please note that start-up funds ensure our balances do not remain in the negatives.

Our current policy denotes that 40% of our income goes to operations, 40% goes to administration, 10% to start-up costs and 10% to future projects.

This would mean our income would be divided up as followed:

Operation: $717.6
Administration: $717.6
Start-up costs: $179.4
Future projects: $179.4

$179.4 has been moved out of the Red Files account and returned to the start-up costs to reflect our policy.

This means our final balance for cycle #1 is -$8158.56