28 November 2017

CALLOUT: Looking for paid research candidates

Note from Red Files: This invitation to participate in a research project is from PG. Her research relates specifically to migrant workers. Estelle, the current acting Director has met with PG and feels her research to be substantial.

Last updated: 28/11/2017

From PG: This is PG, I am a sex worker activist previously based in Europe (Rome/Berlin/London), as to my activism: am former co-convenor of ICRSE, worked for 4 years as peer education coordinator in Hydra, Berlin; was co-founder of Xtalk in London and of Ombre Rosse in Italy.

I recently moved to Sydney (yay!) to do research for this project: SEHXHUM on migration, sex work and (the different things known and interpreted as) trafficking. In short, the project is a comparative multi-method research across the main sites for sex work and migration policies in the global north (US, EU, AUS, NZ). It aims at understanding agency and exploitation of migrant workers in the global sex industry by asking migrant sexworkers themselves how they define the latter, in order to develop better policies and critically assess humanitarian discourses used to control and protect, rather than provide appropriate support and access to rights. 

Also, it aims at unravelling how humanitarian interventions (e.g. Project (dis)Respect) aimed at "saving victims/migrants" affect the whole of the sex industry. 

I am interviewing migrant sex workers (and fo that there is $80 for each participant) and would really appreciate if anyone could put me in touch with possible interviewees! (flyer attached) I have a peer friend/colleague who speaks Chinese and Japanese in case interpreting was needed.

This is my number: 0432342143

All the best


Seeking interviewees for a study on sex work and migration

If you are a migrant involved in the sex industry and tick any of these boxes please contact us to participate in a CONFIDENTIAL ANONYMOUS interview:

 Ever come into contact with someone trying to help you because of sex work or trafficking 
 Ever come into contact with law enforcement because of sex work, immigration or trafficking
 Ever felt exploited in your work as a sex worker 
 Had someone else arranging your migration travel for you 
 Are a survivor of trafficking

As a thank you, you will receive $80 for your participation!

Phone:  0432342143
Email:  [email protected]

*Translators available for non-English speakers

This research is being conducted by:

Kingston University, London | Penrhyn Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2EE, UK