10 September 2017

Understanding Who Supports Us and Who Doesn't

NOTE FROM RED FILES: This article has been contributed by our member Roman, who has reflected on his personal experience in the Australian sex work political climate. This is a brief overview of who supports us (who will allow us to do our jobs in the way we want) and who doesn't (those who want to restrict our jobs). 

This is just one members take and the Red Files administration encourages you to comment on this article if you have any thoughts about it.

Last updated: 10/09/2017

Sex Worker Rights Advocates
(Support decriminalisation)
(Support Nordic model)
Who are they?People who support sex workers rightsRadical feminists and fundamentalist Christians
Their ideal laws are….DecriminalisationThe Nordic model
Their ideal laws would make….Commercial sexual services NOT a crime between consenting adults. Neither the client nor the worker would face criminal penalties.The purchase of commercial sexual services ALWAYS a crime. ALL clients face criminal penalties.
Would their preferred laws regulate sex work?Yes. Entire sex industry would be regulated like any other service businessNo. Entire sex industry would be criminalized and driven underground
They emphasize…Worker’s rightsWomen’s rights
Sex worker gender diversityGender diversity does exist in the sex industry. There are male and other gender diverse sex workersIgnore all sex workers who are not cis-female
Ignore all sex workers who are not cis-femaleWorkViolence against women
Who defines what constitutes violence against women?Existing Australian legislation/the judiciaryNeo-abolitionists themselves
Sex worker a victim of a crime if……The sex worker herself/himself reports a crime has occurredNeo-abolitionists consider all sex workers to be victims of crime, even if the worker herself/himself does not believe this to be the case
Suggested new laws aim to…..Provide all sex workers with a regulated work place, guaranteeing legal rights and a safe and healthy work environmentReduce demand for sexual services
Does the size of the industry matter?NoYes. It needs to be reduced as much as possible, ideally eliminated entirely.
Preferred terminologySex Work
Sex Worker
Prostituted woman
How would the size of the industry change, under their preferred laws?No changeDemand for sexual services would decline, industry reduced in size.
Are clients criminals?No, not if there is respect and consent.Yes always.

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