13 July 2017


Red Files is seeking a sex worker and a Red Files community member to work as part of the Red Files administration team.

Sex work experience is essential. Literary and IT knowledge is needed for this position. Regular access to the internet is a must as this position demands an online presence.

This is a new position with great prospects. Work hours, times and workload fluctuate in response to the dynamic nature of Red Files and the MODs skillset. Moderators (MODS) must be flexible individuals, who have the capacity to work autonomously, with little supervision and within an online team. MODS must have highly developed communication skills, as they are expected to communicate to members and staff through telecommunication devices including computers and phones and across mediums such as Red Files interface, email, SMS, live chat, on the phone and in person.

All information provided by applicants is kept confidential and only viewed by the current MOD and the current Director.


Position Title: Red Files Moderator (MOD)

Reports to: A Director (at the moment Estelle Lucas)

Location: The Internet

Work Type: Contract (subcontractor)


MODS are focused on the maintenance of the members-only Red Files sections. As Red Files is focused on online, peer-to-peer community building, networking and information sharing, a MOD must share the same interest. MODS are the facilitators of the Community Guidelines and managers of our safer space.

Red Files administrators have the working philosophy: ‘I work when I can’. There will always be work that needs to be completed within Red Files, and MODs work concurrently to ensure not one person is carrying the full workload. The pay is retainer based. Being proactive communicators, MODs inform the rest of the team if they need a break, need to slow down or refocus to other areas of their lives. Work hours are dependent on the activities of members and the pace of our growth. Director/s often seek the support, opinion and advise of MODs and vice versa.

MODS use technology to ensure members are protected, safe and secure. MODS need to be quick learners when it comes to technology as they are the go-to for members who need technological assistance. Red Files is also maintained through different apps and programs. The capacity to learn and the ability to access these technologies is a must. Work hours are reflected by how effectively a MOD can use the technology.

Membership confidentiality and privacy is key values within Red Files. As MODS use their communication skills when relating with members they need to be insightful about the needs and concerns of the membership. It’s essential that MODs are friendly in their interpersonal relations and transparent in communications. The Red Files membership is diverse; a considerate attitude ensures a respectful non-judgemental approach towards sex work experiences, choices and opinions.

The analytical, objective, reasoning and logical mind is exercised by MODS when verifying applicants, applying membership and pre-moderating reports. MODs must adhere to Australian legalities when exercising their duties, as they are trained by Directors. All MODs are trained in a three-day workshop of how to perform their duties.

It isn’t all left brain for a MOD. In the area of aftercare, high emotional intelligence, self-reflection and self-care is essential. MODs are sometimes the first point of contact for when a sex worker has experienced trauma or abuse in the workplace. MODs will need to learn how to exercise their empathy, understanding and compassion during these times while simultaneously being aware of their own emotional capacity and self-care. Red Files is a self-sustaining system, it is expected that MODs practise what they preach.


enforce the Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use within the database; Handle and secure data information as per the Privacy Policy, physically and digitally; pre-moderate reports to adhere to legal obligations and archive them in an easily retrievable manner; provide aftercare whenever necessary and provide resources and direction for members; screen all sign-up application received, verify all applicants and apply fitting memberships; respond to any member online enquiries, questions, calls for help or support; Encourage community involvement and donations; update the website content and features so it is up to date; this includes the community tips and new section. play their role for any grievances as per our Grievance Procedure; play their role as a member of the Committee; Assist Director’s within their roles, as well as monthly check ins and aftercare with other team members Communicate actively with the team about Red Files Record work hours weekly and relay timesheets to Directors monthly.



Lived experience of sex work and knowledge of the sex industry.

Sensitive, understanding and non-judgemental to workplace nuisances, trauma, discrimination, harassment and abuse.

High level of understanding of the Community Guidelines.

Familiarity and confidence in working with technology.

Highly developed communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to communicate effectively to a diverse community of sex workers.

Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, as well as alone.

Time management and recording skills

Access to internet.

A Senior membership within Red Files for a minimum of three months.


Experience or willingness to learn new programs and technology.

Previous engagement with the Red Files community, either through volunteering, vouching, communicating, donating, advertising etc.

Experience in support services, crisis support or equivalent.

Flexible schedule and availability

Accommodating of fluctuating workload.

Previous experience working with a sex worker organisation.

Additional Information

MODS are trained across three days by a Director before setting foot into their roles. Expenses are covered by the Red Files membership. Every MOD must undergo a one month unpaid probationary period to vet whether this is the right role for them, and if they’re the right fit for Red Files.

As the Red Files MODs is a new position, it is not entirely clear yet what the workload and hours is expected to be. MODs, at this time, must be prepared to accommodate rapid growth or incite further involvement of the sex worker community.

MODs work on 6 month contracts (the length of a cycle), where the retainer is directly influenced by the progress report, timesheets, and the funding generated by donation/advertisement.


A CV, with referees, and cover letter is essential to apply for this job. Applicants deemed most capable, or of the most potential to carry out the MOD duties of the position, will be contacted.

Your cover letter must convey your merits as an individual. Do not assume Red Files is aware of what you have achieved in the past, or have the desire to achieve. If you cannot demonstrate how you meet the criteria for the position in one way or another, you will not be called for an interview.

The completeness and relevance of your application will determine whether or not you are called for an interview. Where a large number of applicants meet the essential and desirable requirements, only those applicants who most strongly meet the requirements will be selected for interview.

To apply please email us at [email protected]

Applications open until a permanent MOD is instated.