10 July 2017

Intention behind the Community Guidelines

When I began assembling Red Files my intention was to create a means to look out for fellow sex workers. I envisioned sex workers from all walks of life using this service and benefiting from it. I hope that by simply investing time and money this service will provide relief from daily stresses experienced by Australian sex workers and will improve the quality of our working lives. But for this to happen I have to trust that Australian sex workers are willing to put in a collective effort.

My greatest fear is that someone may abuse or disrespect the daily efforts made by me and the Red Files team, and jeopardise the integrity of the services.

If this happens, because of a select few who exercise little consideration for the community, I could imagine other members pulling out of involvement. I have to take a chance and trust we will all be supportive and helpful.

To avoid such fears from becoming reality I created the Community Guidelines to remind us to be mindful of how we use this shared, safer space. I hope you appreciate the team’s work and do your part to maintain Red Files as a safer space for sex workers.

With much love,
Estelle Lucas