06 June 2017

Red Files Welcomes RhED as a Sponsor!

Disclaimer from Red Files: Red Files does not endorse the services offered by RhED. RhED governance structure is not 100% peer-led aka not-peer only. This classes them as an organisation that provides services to sex workers. This means that not every person who has a governance role or makes decisions is a sex worker. Some people find this highly problematic, some don't care. It's up to you to decide what you need for yourself, and if RhED can provide a service to you in anyway. Keep yourself informed and know what all your options are.

It is also important that you, as an individual, exercise your due diligence when accessing services. This article is delivered directly from RhED and is not validated, vetted or verified by Red Files. This is your responsibility. If you need any help deciding if RhED is the right service for you, please feel free to get into touch. If you ever choose to access RhED's services, please let them know you heard of them through Red Files.

We encourage any member who have used RhED services to share their experience with their Red Files community so that we can all make informed decisions. 

Who is RhED?

  1. Resourcing Health & Education (RhED) is a service for the sex industry in Victoria. The service operates from 10 Inkerman Street, St Kilda and provides site based and outreach services.
  2. RhED has a broad body of knowledge of the sex industry, including staff and peer workers who have experience in the industry.
  3. RhED is committed to respecting and reflecting the needs of the sex industry, and actively promoting the rights of sex workers.
  4. As a program of Star Health, RhED operates from a harm minimisation approach providing information and supports.
  5. RhED aims to provide a service that recognises that health is not only a physical dimension but includes a person's emotional and social wellbeing.

The people we work with:

The sex industry — sex workers, clients, families and supporters

Services available through RhED:

  1. Free confidential telephone, drop-in and outreach services
  2. Information, education, counselling/support, referrals and advocacy
  3. Development and distribution of educational resources
  4. Supplies of needles and syringes, condoms and lube
  5. Occupational health and safety education and support
  6. RED – sex industry magazine
  7. Interpreter services and translated educational materials are available as required

RED RENDEZVOUS (RR) is a group of people who are current or former sex workers. RR share information, exchange ideas and enjoy catching up on the LAST WEDNESDAY of the month in St Kilda. For venue details and to be part of the e-list contact RhED on 1800 458 752 or email [email protected].

Contact details
10 Inkerman Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone 1800 458 752
Fax (03) 9525 4492
[email protected]

Opening Hours
Drop In 1:00pm-5:00pm Tuesday to Friday
Other times by appointment: Mon-Fri during business hours