13 June 2017

Help us grow - support us with your time & knowledge!

Donations are one of the pillars that keep this community standing. Everyone who can donate does so. Red Files is founded by voluntary effort and as a community we believe we can be the changes we wish to see. We ask every member, who can, to donate to us.

But donation doesn't have to just be financial!

It can be your time, energy, expertise, knowledge, ideas, enthusiasm, wisdom, skills, network, contacts so on and so forth. We need help on all fronts and there's at least one thing every member can offer at some time. One of our cornerstones at Red Files is information sharing – we need help on all fronts if we are to grow as a self sustaining and inclusive community. With your input, the more our community grows, the greater our collective knowledge will become.

So what can you do?


  • Spread the love! You could recommend Red Files to your sex working friends and offer to be a vouch/guarantor for them.
  • If you've ever made reports on your phone, or made reports in another system, you can transfer those reports here for our members to access. In order for Red Files to grow as a useful resource we need members to add to our database.
  • See something you want changed or added? You can write to us to get it done, or if to be more formal you can write a motions for the Committee to consider.
  • If you have any nuggets of wisdom to share, or helpful hints you think other workers might find useful, you can send us Community Tips.
  • Think you're in the know-how of sex worker industry related news both nationally and internationally? Know of any events, milestones, petitions, submissions etc. Let us know to add to the News Room.
  • Do you have an idea for content that you think other workers might find useful? We like to keep our membership informed and if you feel you can contribute to the News Room, then please help by writing a news article for other members to read.
  • We need feedback on Resource List services: if you’ve used the services of one of the organisations in the Resource List, please let us know about your experience! We don’t want to be recommended sex workers to services that are not sex worker friendly or that aren’t helpful, so this sort of intel will be greatly appreciated.
  • Likewise, if you are accessing a sex worker friendly business who you think could potentially sponsor us and set up ads within the website, you can inform us of them. This will help us keep sustainable financially.


  • For a more active role in the community you can offer to become a Senior Member.
  • If you're a senior member you can apply to be part of the Committee.
  • If you have the skill set, willingness and time you can apply to join the staff as a MOD.
  • And of course we need a minimum of two more Directors. Want to help lead Red Files? Get in contact!

** check out the News Room for position descriptions **


Outreach and networking - One thing we find ourselves doing, which is quite time consuming, is the outreach and networking. While it is fantastic and we learn so much by contacting sex workers and informing them about Red Files - it does mean we sometimes don't have time to focus on doing our jobs internally. It would be tremendously helpful if someone (maybe you) can step up and assist us with our networking efforts. We've done a lot of the hard yards and can train you on it - we just need someone willing and able. If you've got a few hours to spare consider taking this volunteer option, I promise it is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Graphic work- If you're nifty with a bit of Photoshop, I'm sure our sex worker organisations around the country would love baddass ads and GIFS for their work. At the moment the Director, who is not qualified at all, is winging this duty. If you haven't already noticed, our Red Files ads are terrible.

Accounts- At the moment the Director is overseeing accounts. However, she lacks the technical skills, training and experience to log, organise and book everything in an easy to follow manner. It would be of great assistance if someone with the relevant background and skill could help tidy up the accounts. Please note this position would require a signed non-disclosure agreement with your legal name.

Newsletter assistant- Our Newsletter comes out once every two months. We are still experimenting on what to do with the Newsletter. If you'd like to work with the MODs on crafting something useful, entertaining and worth reading, then just send us a message!

Stock image searcher- Notice those pictures on the homepage? Well, we want to have some more images that's more relevant for our community. Get in contact if you don't mind looking through hours of images trying to find the right one.

Copy-editing- One of the greatest challenges Red Files faces is communicating effectively through technology. If you're a communications expert and think you can edit our content, please go ahead and volunteer!

Admin assist– An admin assist is a challenging position that works alongside MODs to pre-moderate reports, process sign-up applications and maintain connection, service and contact with the Red Files community. You’ll learn a whole heap here and this is a great position to get your foot in the door should we need a new MOD. Keep in mind you will need to sign non-disclosure agreements and contracts with your legal name.

Translators– We are in current need for translators for whatever others language you can speak! If you can speak another language and believe that there is a sub-sex worker community who need to access the Red Files database in another language, please offer us your time! Please note that this won’t be required for each and every report, only the key elements of the website such as navigation and tags.

IT expert- we already have an IT expert who helps with the technology, but it would be great if a sex worker and one of our own members could join our IT team. If you're an IT expert, please get in contact with us!