30 May 2017

Senior Members needed!

Red Files is seeking a Red Files community member to elect themselves as a Senior Member.

Senior Members must be flexible individuals, who have the capacity to work autonomously, with little supervision and within an online team. Senior Members must have highly developed communication skills, as they are expected to communicate to members and staff through telecommunication devices including computers and phones and across mediums such as Red Files interface, email, SMS, live chat, on the phone and in person.

All information provided by applicants is kept confidential and only viewed by the current MOD and the current Director.


Position Title: Red Files Senior Member

Reports to: A Director (at the moment Estelle Lucas)

Location: The Internet

Work Type: Volunteer position


A senior member, as selected at random, and if they agree to the role, can be called forward as a member of the Review Board in the instance of a disagreement, as explained in the Grievance Procedure. This means that like a juror they play a part in remedying any grievances, disagreements or complaints within Red Files.

Senior members can also elect themselves to join the Committee. In this instance they nominate themselves to convey the needs and wants from the current Red Files membership.

At times, senior members are also notified of any potential Red File members who must commit to a physical meet up with someone from the community before gaining membership. In these instances, and to their discretion, they have the capacity to assist MODs verify applicants.


The Committee’s purpose is keep in check, and balance, the operations within Red Files. The Committee also ensures Red Files is progressing in a direction to the memberships liking. The Committee consists of five members: one Director, two MODs and two self-appointed SENIOR MEMBERS.

The Committee oversees the features, structure and procedures within Red Files. SENIOR MEMBERS within the Committee have access to review and comment on the current procedures and guidelines to their own discretion. The Committee gets together at the end of each cycle (six months) and can potentially review the following:

  • Sign-up verification process and membership structure;
  • Pre-moderation process;
  • Aftercare process;
  • Corporate structure;
  • Community Guidelines, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  • Help desk and FAQs;
  • Community tips and news;
  • Membership structure;
  • Costs, funding, wages, donation, advertisement;
  • The performance review, strategy brief and future project ideas of the current cycle;
  • Networking and outreach.

The Committee is also to consider any motions formally put forward from any member of the Red Files Community for that cycle. If a motion isn’t seconded by anyone on the Committee, it isn’t considered by the Committee. Motions can be accepted, rejected or relayed to the next cycle. Committee members can also abstain from voting. Motions are accepted by majority rules and the Director is always last to vote.

The authority of the Committee is limited. The limitations are listed below.

  • No motions or changes can be enforced if there are any legal ramifications to the organisation, its members or its staff without the Director’s vote.
  • No changes can be enforced if it not viable to enact. The onus is upon the Committee member who brought forward any motions to provide a viable plan of action.
  • Any changes that require funding must be sourced from the funding collected in the future project pool (which means changes cannot be enacted until maintenance and wage cost for that cycle have been met by the membership).
  • Changes can be dismissed by the Director if they are deemed too labour intensive or costly on Red Files as a whole, or relayed to the next cycle. The Director must explain in writing why they have dismissed a motion for the membership to review.

A document with all motions passed must be posted in the News section for the membership to consider. There is no mention of names or positions held, only a tally of the votes.



Full Red Files membership

Lived experience of sex work and knowledge of the sex industry.

Sensitive, understanding and non-judgmental to workplace nuisances, trauma, discrimination, harassment and abuse.

High level of understanding of the Community Guidelines.

Familiarity and confidence in working with technology.

Strong communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to communicate effectively to a diverse community of sex workers.

Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, as well as alone.

Time management and recording skills

Access to internet.

A membership within Red Files for a minimum of six months.


Experience or willingness to learn new programs and technology.

Previous engagement with the Red Files community, either through volunteering, vouching, communicating, donating, advertising etc.

Experience in support services, crisis support or equivalent.

Flexible schedule and availability

Accommodating of fluctuating workload.

Previous experience working with a sex worker organisation.


Any senior Red Files member can be on the Committee by electing themselves for the next cycle (six months). They must formally write a letter why they want to be on the Committee and what they feel they can bring to the table.

Additional Information

Committee members must have a minimum of six months experience as a Red Files member to ensure they have sufficient knowledge about the functions, design and features of Red Files. If more than two senior members have elected themselves for the next cycle, the next Committee members are elected by the membership and community through an online poll. The membership is informed of their sex working status, their working name and their letter is posted in the news section. Committee members must commit at least two full days for every cycle (but can commit more time to their own discretion).

If successfully elected, a Committee member will need to sign formal non-disclosure agreements and contracts with their full legal name to retain confidentiality and sensitive information about Red Files. These documents are kept in a physically secure location.

To apply please email us at [email protected]

Applications open forever!