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General Questions

Who runs Red Files?

The Red Files website is run by Red Files Inc, non-for-profit organisation and registered charity. Red Files Inc is administered by a board of current and former sex workers.

The day-to-day running of the website is done by a team of Moderators (MODs) who are responsible for processing applications and approving submissions from members, and who report back to the Red Files board.

Who has access to Red Files?

Red Files is a sex worker-only space! The internal website is only accessible to members who have undergone the sign-up process and have been verified as a sex worker.

The only non-sex worker that has access to Red Files is the IT developer, who helped create the Red Files website. They are signed to contractual agreements, and only work with the technology and back end of the website.

What can Red Files do for me?

Red Files is a preventative measure, it's here to prevent the headaches, the worries, the nervousness, the pressures of stigma and discrimination, and it does this by connecting you with a community that's just like you.

If you’ve had a difficult incident within your workplace or employment, Red Files is a place where you can file your experience. If you have an incident, we have a file for you. This informs your peers, who can then decide for themselves if this is an incident they wish to avoid or can prepare for.

What type of sex workers can sign up at Red Files?

Red Files is for all sex workers that see clients for face-to-face bookings, who exchange sexual or sexy services for payment.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Private/independent workers
  • Agency workers
  • Brothel/parlour/establishment workers
  • Street workers
  • Massage providers
  • Female, male, trans and non-binary workers
  • International workers visiting Australia

Who is not eligible for a membership with Red Files?

We do not provide memberships to managers, business owners, personal assistants, drivers, and non-sex workers.

At this point in time we are also unable to provide memberships to sex workers who do not see clients in person, such as:

  • Webcam providers
  • Porn performers
  • OnlyFans content providers
  • Phone sex operators

Why do you ask for donations?

Funding is a constant issue for us. We receive no government funding and rely soley on donations and sponsorships to cover our running costs.

We ask that you assess your financial situation and how sex work relates to this. If sex work is helping you out exponentially, then ask yourself if you can afford to help this community of sex workers. We are working to support and help you in your line of work.

It doesn’t need to be much, $20 a month can get us far, so long as everyone is contributing. That’s the price of a muffin and coffee a week - except now it is going straight into contributing to your safety, security and working community.

If you’re hesitant about whether your hard earned dollars deserve to go to Red Files then think of it this way: how much time and effort have you saved by using our database? Think of it as money saved, and with that money you can share the tiniest bit with us as a thank you. We can then continue running our operation for the whole community to access.

Or think of it this way: if you donated 1% of your income as a sex worker, how much would this be? Whatever the answer, this isn't much considering the type of work we're doing and how priceless it is to have access to this network of sex workers.

Another way to think of it is if you hire a driver, security, booking manager, agency or anyone to help you with your business, they take a small fee in your business. Red Files also functions as a form of preventative care, and as a platform for warning, it can potentially replace feeling the need for security or a driver. How much of a service fee do these people ask for from sex workers? The Red Files membership can heighten your confidence, intuition and know-how in the workplace.

All the money that you donate here goes back to the community - your community. We don’t get funding any other way (except sponsorship) and the sex worker community is often forgotten or ignored by the rest of society – we need to rely on each other for support. You can even see how we’re spending your money - we display where your dollars are going and how we spend it on the Donations page.

Membership and Sign-Up

Why do you ask for so much information during sign-up?

All the information we ask is to ensure you're a sex worker.

There are non-sex worker who will try to access this space. This includes anti-sex worker campaigners, the media, clients, family and friends, partners, abusers and trolls. They will do this by pretending to be a sex worker. We make the sign-up procedure tough to discourage these non-sex workers.

Remember you only have to provide us with as much information as you feel comfortable with! If there are some sections in the sign up process that you can't complete, just leave them blank. If we need more information from you we will be in touch and let you know. Of course, the more information you're able to give in your application, the quicker and easier it will be for us to allocate you a membership.

What is the guarantor/vouching system in the sign-up. What if I don't have anyone to vouch for me?

One of the ways to verify if you're a sex worker is by asking someone who knows you to vouch for you. If there is anyone in your life who has seen you in your capacity as a sex worker, and are comfortable to say so, then they are suitable as a guarantor. The type of people who would know about your work would be another Red Files member, another sex worker or a member of a sex worker organisation.

Not every sex worker has someone that can vouch for them and this is okay, that is why we provide lots of different verification options during the application process. You can always leave a note at the end of the application in the personal testimony section explaining your situation.

If I sign-up via Twitter or Facebook, does this come up on my Facebook or Twitter?

No. Red Files does not appear in any of your social media accounts. We only have this feature to assist with the ease of sign-up, and to transfer some basic information to your Red Files application.

How will you deal with the information I offer in the sign-up application?

Our Privacy Policy gives the most comprehensive answer. In a nutshell, we collect your information for membership verification. If your membership is processed successfully, or you decide not to go ahead with your application then this information is permanently deleted within 30 business days. The only information that remains is your contact details and notes about your membership type for the MOD to refer to.

Can my client be my guarantor?

Unfortunately not. Your ideal guarantor would be a member of Red Files, a sex worker who knows you or has worked with you, or a member of a sex worker organisation that is aware of you.

I’m afraid that if I sign-up I’ll essentially be outing myself.

Red Files takes sex worker privacy and safety seriously. We will never ask for information about your private non sex work identity. The information we ask for during the sign-up process is to verify you are definitely a sex worker and that you’re not trying to infiltrate the website.

The information you provide in your application is confidential and viewed only by the MOD processing your application. Once your membership is approved the only information that remains is your contact details, and notes about your membership type for the MOD to refer to (this includes mode of work and advertised gender). You can also choose to be anonymous within the website so that other members don’t know who you are.


How does website membership differ from membership of Red Files Inc?

Red Files Inc is the organisation that governs and manages the website. Being a member of the website is separate to being a member of the organisation Red Files Inc.

Members of Red Files Inc, have the power to make certain decisions about the organisation. In particular, they appoint the members of the committee. However, members of Red Files Inc also have a duty and obligation to comply with the Constitution and support the purposes of the organisation.

The separation of different membership means that you can use and be a member of the website without having to worry about all the nitty gritty of the organisation. However, if you're keen to get more involved and would like to sign up to be a member of Red Files Inc, contact usand we will send you a membership form!

How do I become a member of Red Files Inc?

Contact us! We can send you a membership application form and tell you a bit more about what membership includes.

In accordance with our Constitution, a membership application requires you to:

  • Complete a membership form stating you support the purposes of the association
  • Give us your preferred name and contact details
  • Be nominated by two existing members of Red Files Inc

How do I become a member of the Red Files Inc board?

Once you are a member of Red Files Inc, the incorporated association that governs the Red Files website, you can nominate yourself for board member positions either as they become available or at the AGM.

Can you explain the decision-making structure and accountability of Red Files?

The Red Files website is run by a not-for-profit organisation called Red Files Inc. Red Files Inc is an Incorporated Association in Victoria and is administered by a Board of former and current sex workers.

Being a member of the website is separate to being a member of Red Files Inc. Like all incorporated associations, Red Files Inc is governed by a Constitution. The Constitution is a written document which guides how your Red Files Inc operates. It is a contract between the association and its members, it sets out our purposes and it lists the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.

The Board comes together a minimum 4 times per year. They have the capacity to review decisions made, and overturn them, as well as plan and discuss decisions to be made.

Donations and Sponsorship

I’m not a sex worker but I love what this is about. How can I help Red Files?

As Red Files relies solely on donations we very much encourage this. If you would like to make a donation to us, please click here to do so.

There is no such thing as a donation too small. If you are a supporter of initiatives that are community focused, self-sustaining and non-revenue generating then we recommend setting up a weekly or monthly donation. If you want to improve sex worker conditions or the quality of lives, you can also do a once-off donation. We recommend $240 to support us for a year. 

If you’re a client of a sex worker services you can send a donation to us as a meaningful token of affinity to their service. A donation to Red Files is a truly unique and thoughtful gift idea.

Why do you ask for donations from your members?

Red Files believes in sex workers, we believe in the generosity and support of our membership, that sex workers want to see changes and are happy to actively be a part of that change, and we trust that everyone who can contribute will.

Red Files was founded through donations. When everyone donates just a bit, it is always enough. We believe that donations can be given in forms aside from financial for those who don't have money to spare. Our organisation is led mostly through a voluntary effort.
Red Files doesn’t receive any funding from outside sources, we rely wholeheartedly on donations from our membership to function (as well as sponsorship).

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Not yet, but we are working on it!

I don't feel comfortable sending a donation from my card that has my real name. Is there another way to donate without revealing my personal details?

When donating through the website the credit/debit card information entered is passed directly to a merchant gateway to process the transaction. At no point in this process do we ask for your name, nor do we retain any of the information entered in order to process the transaction.

For those donating each month the merchant facility retains your card information to process the ongoing donation monthly. Red Files never has access to the full credit card or its details. If you choose to cancel this subscription it is done by a linked identification key and the email address you entered not anyone's name or full credit card information.

What comes up in the transactions/receipt when I make a donation?

For those making a "once off" donation you will see a description of "RF DONATION" on your credit card statement.

If you have created a "reoccurring donation" for each donation your statement will have a line relevant to the amount you have chosen for each transaction.

eg. For a weekly donation of $5 the statement would display "RF DONATE - $5/WK"

How do you get funds to run Red Files?

Being unfunded, we rely solely on the donations of our community and sponsorship by sex worker friendly businesses and organisations. This pays for the maintenance and operating costs of the website and its associated technologies. Red Files is a 100% not for profit organisation.

If you would like to help us, our community or to show your support to this non-revenue generating organisation please consider donating to us through our Donation page.

Privacy and Security

How do you protect the content within Red Files?

There are a number of methods we have employed to prevent infiltration into the website and provide a secure platform for members. This includes:

  • A rigorous sign-up process that each sex worker must complete.
  • Different membership levels which mean that the scope of information a member sees is tailored.
  • PIN feature, which changes monthly to avoid any ‘hacking’ from third-parties through member accounts or idly opened accounts.
  • We also have the ability to pin-point when ‘leaks’ or unauthorised access is in the system occurs.

Does the police or government, or anyone not a part of Red Files have access to my information?

Absolutely not, we have no affiliations or interests with these organisations.

I have hesitations, can I be anonymous?

Of course! You can opt to be anonymous at sign-up or at any time through your account settings.

What do you do with my information?

We hold application for 30 days while we process it on our secure cloud and after that time we delete it permanently from the cloud. The only information that remains is your contact details and notes about your membership type for the MOD to refer to. For an in-depth answer please have a look at our Privacy Policy.

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About Red Files

Connect. Check. Communicate.

Red Files Inc. is a charitable organisation that aims to prevent violence against and exploitation of sex workers in Australia. We do this first, by providing a safe online space for sex workers in Australia to connect with one another, and secondly, by distributing easy to understand information and resources about occupational health, safety, and emotional wellbeing. The Red Files website is accessible only by members and membership is restricted to current and former sex workers based in or working in Australia.