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If you enjoy our services, you can help make them better by donating.

To show your support on what we do, and to help sex workers, donations are highly encouraged. Red Files is not a business venture, it is not revenue generating, it is a self-sustaining organisation here to serve a marginalised population. All donations go to wages and operating costs and we update our donation tracker every two weeks to reflect the progress of our six month cycle. Once our wages and operating costs are covered for the cycle, all donations are equally divided to returning start-up costs and funding future projects.

Red Files believes that the internet and technology can be used to help protect and educate sex workers but we need support to achieve this. No donation is too small and you can easily set up a donating schedule with your bank or online.

You can donate directly to us or, better still, buy advertising space for a sex worker organisation. This is greatly appreciated by all, as many sex workers are unaware of where their local sex worker organisation is located or what their services include. Help us bolster sex worker organisations to serve our community.

Please consider setting up a weekly or monthly donation to help with our upkeep. It can be anything from $2 to $100, it’s up to you, but for members we recommend $20 a month. If it’s easier to provide a once-off donation, then we recommend $120 for a half yearly cycle or $240 for a year. If you can give more, than please do, there are some sex workers who cannot afford to pay their way.

We need all the support we can get. Remember, we are not making any profit and we have financial reports available for our members at the end of every cycle (in June and December)! If you can afford to set up a donation schedule, please do! If everyone contributes something we should be able to remain functional. If you’re a sex worker, member and lacking funds at the moment, please check out our Help Desk for information on how you can still donate.

Donations are not yet tax-deductible. We’re still in the early stages of our organisation and we currently lack the resources to register as a non-for-profit organisation.

About Red Files

Connect. Check. Communicate.

Red Files Inc. is a charitable organisation that aims to prevent violence against and exploitation of sex workers in Australia. We do this first, by providing a safe online space for sex workers in Australia to connect with one another, and secondly, by distributing easy to understand information and resources about occupational health, safety, and emotional wellbeing. The Red Files website is accessible only by members and membership is restricted to current and former sex workers based in or working in Australia.