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Feel free to contact the team with any enquiry. Check out our FAQ section to see if your question has been answered first. If you’d like more information about sex worker services, we can assist you in locating these resources. If you’re a sex worker and would like to make a report of an incident at your workplace, you can do so here. If you’re a sex worker and need any sort of help, we will do our very best to help you. If you’re someone who would like to make a call-out, announcement or reach out to our members, let us know what you’re about. Sponsors looking to tap into the niche market of the industry may Contact Us to discuss sponsorship options. If you are encouraging of our work, and would like to show it, please consider donating.

About Red Files

Connect. Check. Communicate.

Red Files Inc. is a charitable organisation that aims to prevent violence against and exploitation of sex workers in Australia. We do this first, by providing a safe online space for sex workers in Australia to connect with one another, and secondly, by distributing easy to understand information and resources about occupational health, safety, and emotional wellbeing. The Red Files website is accessible only by members and membership is restricted to current and former sex workers based in or working in Australia.