About Red Files

Connect. Check. Communicate.

Red Files Inc. is a charitable organisation that aims to prevent violence against and exploitation of sex workers in Australia. We do this first, by providing a safe online space for sex workers in Australia to connect with one another, and secondly, by distributing easy to understand information and resources about occupational health, safety, and emotional wellbeing. The Red Files website is accessible only by members and membership is restricted to current and former sex workers based in or working in Australia.

How we started

In 2016 a small group of sex workers identified a need to create a secure online space for sex workers throughout Australia to network and share ideas. The following year these founding members conducted community consultation, resulting in a trial version of the Red Files website. Operating as a volunteer, community driven project, Red Files continues to be operated by sex workers for sex workers.

As the Red Files volunteer team grew and expanded, 2018 saw an increased focus on financial management and good governance. In November 2018, Red Files became an incorporated association. In 2019, membership exceeded 500 and in the same year the association registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.

Why we started

In Australia, existing support services have primarily targeted street-based sex workers and those working in brothels. However, the majority of sex workers do not work in either of these settings: they are self employed, work independently and are often isolated. The disconnect between community need and service delivery resulted in a gap in support services for self-employed sex workers.

Self-employed sex workers conduct their businesses online, meaning online outreach is the most effective method of reaching this population.

Red Files was created to meet the unmet needs of these sex workers with a safe online platform to provide them with accurate information, connect them with their colleagues and assist them to work as safely as possible in the sex industry.

Red Files was founded by a core group of self-employed sex workers with experience in supporting and connecting with other sex workers online. Red Files believes sex workers themselves are best placed to understand and identify the specific and changing support needs of contemporary sex workers.

About Red Files

The future

Our immediate future sees us engaging with Victoria’s ‘Review to make recommendations for the decriminalisation of sex work’, to commence in 2020. As a violence prevention sex worker-led charity, Red Files is keen to bring our particular expertise and experience in violence prevention to this Review. In particular, we will focus on the follow issues to be considered by the Review:

  • Workplace safety including health and safety issues and stigma and discrimination against sex workers.
  • The promotion of public health
  • The safety and wellbeing of sex workers, including the experience of violence that arises in the course of sex work and as a consequence of it, and worker advocacy for safety and wellbeing.

Red Files is now one of only two registered national sex worker charities. With a website membership of 700, the website continues to grow and expand its operations.

As the sex industry changes Red Files will continue to listen to our members and the wider sex worker community in order to assist them in their work, always with the broader aim of preventing violence in the workplace.

What to expect

We will facilitate an online platform where members can communicate without fear of harassment, abuse, misconduct, judgement, or prejudice; make efforts to archive content sufficiently and in an easy-to-retrieve manner; and ensure our content is relevant and up-to-date. Red Files also has expectations of its members. Whatever way you do sex work, you can sign-up to our services for free. In doing so you agree to our Terms of Use. Red Files is a safer space, with a collective effort to keep factual, free of hate, disrespect, harassment and abuse. Red Files' Community Guidelines form the backbone of our social construct. All members are briefed on our Community Guidelines with a phone call.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, your first step is to read them.

RED FILES CONTENT IS FOR SEX WORKER EYES ONLY! Members understand that if non-sex workers gain access to Red Files, it endangers the community and risks the integrity of the Red Files services. Members NEVER show or disclose anything about Red Files to non-sex workers.

We ask all members – within your means, monthly or yearly – to donate to Red Files. This doesn’t just come in the form of finances. Show your support and appreciation, and enable us to continue our efforts and commitment to our community.

Donate to Red Files

Support us helping you.

If you are a member who regularly uses Red Files, and if you can afford it, please consider setting up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly donation to us to help with our upkeep. It can be anything from $2 to $100, it’s up to you.