Our Mission


To prevent violence against and exploitation of sex workers in Australia.


We are a harm prevention organisation guided by the principle that sex workers are best placed to determine the ways in which they work. We believe that sex workers deserve accurate, accessible information to assist them to work safely, autonomously and free from violence.


  • We provide an online platform for sex workers in Australia to connect, network and communicate with one another to help build a sense of community.

  • We distribute easy to understand information and resources about occupational health, safety, and emotional well-being.

  • We support sex workers to access appropriate support organisations and services by providing strong referral pathways.

  • We consult our members by seeking input and feedback in key decision making processes.

  • We provide information to sex workers to assist them to report violence to police.


  1. To provide sex workers with relevant, up to date, and useful information resources to assist them in all aspects of work including occupational health, safety and emotional wellbeing.

  2. To build and foster strong referral pathways between Red Files members and other appropriate support services and organisations.

  3. To encourage the development of a strong online sex worker community with particular focus on including sex workers in regional and remote areas.

  4. To operate within a context of good governance, accountability and transparency.

Red Files is a registered Charity with the ACNC.

Red Files Inc.

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